About Us

Our Mission: 

"To promote and advocate for business and trade in the Oakland Asian Community"

Our Scope Of Influence:

"A forum for the discussion of government policies; a recognized point of contact for the Asian community to actively voice concerns over economic and social issues."

The Oakland Chinatown Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1985 by a group of local business people who wanted to promote business in the Asian community and provide a forum for the discussion of government policies. Today, the chamber has grown to over 150 members representing very diverse ethnic groups and a range of businesses and professions in both Oakland Chinatown and outside of the Oakland Chinatown area.

The Chamber


  • Hosts numerous events that give our members opportunities to network with others and promote their business

  • Promotes events that drive more traffic into Oakland Chinatown and help generate more opportunities for our local merchants and business professionals

  • Hosts meetings and luncheons with international trade delegations to promote international trade between our members and businesses abroad

  • Conducts small business training seminars and community meetings so that our members are made aware of changes in business practices, laws, and policies

  • Communicates community issues and changes to our members through our monthly Dragon Tales Newsletter

  • Takes an active role in identifying community issues and advocates for policy changes and the needs of our members

  • Collaborates with other community groups and government entities for the benefit of the Oakland Asian community and business owners

Through our activities, we make Oakland Chinatown a better place for our members to conduct business.


Tel:  (510) 893-8979

Fax: (510) 893-8988


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388 9th St Suite 290

Oakland CA

United States 94607

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